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  • Added separate option to enable depth buffer copying before fullscreen draw calls (for Bioshock: Infinite)
  • Added "reshade::api::swapchain_desc" API struct with more fields for "create_swapchain" event
  • Added "reshade::api::effect_runtime::render_technique" API method to render a specific technique
  • Added global config option to disable logging
  • Added support for renaming the ReShade DLL to "dinput.dll" to hook
  • Added technique annotation to hide technique in screenshots
technique MyTechnique < enabled_in_screenshot = false; > { ... }​
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed deadlock in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
  • Fixed crash in Forza Horizon 5
  • Fixed crash in Borderlands 2 when switching resolution
  • Fixed crash in Monster Hunter Rise
  • Fixed crash in Cyberpunk 2077 when launching with GOG overlay enabled
  • Fixed crash when "ID3D12Device::CopyDescriptorsSimple" is called with render target view descriptors
  • Fixed missing widgets in Omsi 2
  • Fixed black menu screen in Call of Duty 1
  • Fixed rendering to textures with a greater height than width failing in Vulkan
  • Fixed hang in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen when changing areas
  • Fixed artifacts in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen when last effect is writing using sRGB render target view
  • Fixed red and blue color channel being switched in some textures in Amnesia: Rebirth, SOMA and other OpenGL games
  • Fixed error when closing immediate command list in Farming Simulator 2022 (and presumably Prepar3D)
  • Fixed "IDXGISwapChain::ResizeBuffers" implementation not ignoring "DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL"
  • Fixed changing HDR color space not recompiling effects to update "BUFFER_COLOR_SPACE" definition
  • Fixed rendering effects during the frame not working when render target format does not match back buffer format
  • Fixed mouse and/or keyboard input not working in some games using DirectInput (e.g. Max Payne)
  • Fixed incorrect handle being passed to "init_resource" ReShade API event for D3D9 vertex buffers
  • Fixed crash on exit in D3D10/11/12 VR games due to device possibly being destroyed before VR swapchain
  • Added warning log message when add-ons are still loaded when ReShade is unloaded (since this may cause a crash on exit)
  • Added hooks for D3D11on12 devices
  • Added support for "GL_ARB_vertex_program" and "GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object" OpenGL extensions
  • Added support for quads primitive topology type in OpenGL
  • Changed method with which to receive DLL load notifications for better compatibility with anti-cheat software
  • Improved performance of built-in "Generic Depth" add-on
  • Improved multi-threading performance of log message construction
  • Removed option to disable replacement with INTZ format from "Generic Depth" settings overlay in D3D9
Setup tool:
  • Reworked Vulkan installation (for the last time) to install globally again (but ReShade now checks if a ReShade.ini was created in the application directory and only loads if that is the case)
    Note: The ReShade 5.2 setup tool takes care of migrating any Vulkan installation done with a previous ReShade version, so no need to uninstall old versions first.
  • Fixed crash during application analyzing phase
  • Fixed setup tool sometimes showing an archive corruption error message even though the archive is fine
  • Changed check for ReShade.ini to only occur when ReShade is not loaded by proxy (named d3d9.dll/dxgi.dll/opengl32.dll/...)
    Fixes ReShade not loading in FiveM when no ReShade.ini was created in the FiveM directory.
  • Fixed crash in MPC-HC and other D3D9 applications using video
  • Fixed occasional depth buffer flickering in Half Life 2 games (e.g. Portal)
  • Fixed compute shader using depth not working in some D3D11 games when placed at the very top (e.g. Prey)
  • Fixed incorrect resource type in D3D9 "init_resource" ReShade API events when surface was replaced
  • Fixed setup tool not always using most up-to-date compatibility and effect package lists
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