Неофициальный патч для Skyrim Special Edition / Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - USSEP

Неофициальный патч для Skyrim Special Edition / Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - USSEP 4.3.1

Предназначен для работы ТОЛЬКО с SSE v1.6.1130+.

4.3.1 (2024-04-07) [SSE 1.6.1130+]​

Полный список изменений можете посмотреть тут:

v4.3.0a (2023-12-07) [SSE 1.6.1130+]​

Исправления USSEP
  • Гора недалеко от Фолкрита была случайно удалена и восстановлена [000607f3] (ошибка #33676).
  • В 3 сетках (2 из 4.3.0, одна из более старого тикета) были маркеры редактора, которые отображались на XBox из-за продолжающейся ошибки в коде рендеринга XBox. Обходной путь для скрытого флага был применен сейчас, [meshes\effects\mgmagicfirepillarmidden01.nif, meshes\dungeons\dwemer\partitions\dweptndoor01.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\doors\animated\cagedoor\norbridgecageexsm01.nif] (Bug #33667) [XBOne]
  • Скрипты в Data\Scripts были случайно включены в архив, что привело к нежелательным проблемам совместимости в других установленных модах. [PC]
  • Основной BSA-файл XBox был снова сжат, но нет возможности проверить, не вызовет ли это проблем. Пользователи XBOne должны сообщить нам, если это что-то сломает или нет. [XBOne]
Список изменений:
Список изменений (ENG):
Official 1.6.1130 Patch Update Reconciliation
  • dunCragslaneLvlBanditGuard had its activation name changed from a blank spot to "Bouncer". This modifies our fix in Bug #12481 where the USSEP had it labeled "Bandit" instead.
  • An undocumented USSEP fix for WEServicesHunterFaction not having a vendor chest set has been fixed in Patch 1.6.1130. Therefore our added container for this fix will be removed as it is no longer needed [USKPWEServicesHunterFactionContainer].
  • FarmhouseWindMillWR activation text removed.
  • EnchArmorIronBandedCuirassRestoration02 fix was duplicated officially.
  • 2 hay bales in Nchuand-Zel Control had their positions corrected.
  • Argonian Assemblage roof tile position has been corrected.
  • Dwemer Scrap Metal can be sold in shops now.
  • Merged changes to the Matching Set perk for light armor due to the addition of a new Orcish Light set.
  • Merged changes to the Matching Set perk for heavy armor.
  • Several daggers and other weapons had their sound data and critical hit values corrected.
  • The stray collision plane outside of Windhelm was deleted.
  • The following files have been officially corrected by the patch and have been removed from the USSEP archive:
    • textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks\femaleheaddirt_01.dds
    • textures\actors\dragon\dragon_swamp.dds
    • textures\armor\blades\bladesarmor.dds
    • textures\clothes\farmclothes02\m\farmcloth02body_n.dds
  • When addressing the Thieves Guild master trainers in 32449, some of the responses were overlooked while being patched and led to an inconsistent response state when talking to Vipir or Niruin about Archery or Pickpocketing. (Bug #33058)
  • When Redbelly Mine was fixed, its ebony nodes were relocated to Northwind Mine. This has now been updated to instead relocate them to a new small cave just to the east of Shor's Stone. The cave houses the Ebony nodes and a small pack of wolves, nothing more. (Bug #33087)
  • The Skyforge Dagger tempering recipe was erroneously removed in the USSEP 4.2.9 update. It has been restored since the one in the Fishing DLC is actually for Nord Hero Daggers. (Bug #32957)
  • All included .psc files for Papyrus have been relocated to Data\Source\Scripts which complies with the default configuration of the SSE CK. This should have been done ages ago. [Affects PC Only - Does not affect the game, only the CK]
Item Fixes
  • MineOreCorundum01_LTundraRocks, MineOreCorundum01_LSnow, MineOreCorundum02_LTundraRocks, MineOreCorundum03_LTundraRocks, MineOreCorundum04_LTundraRocks, MineOreGold01_LTundraRocks, MineOreGold02_LTundraRocks, MineOreGold03_LTundraRocks, MineOreIron03_LTundraRocks, MineOreOrichalcum03_LTundraRocks, MineOreQuicksilver02_LTundraRocks, MineOreQuicksilver04_LTundraRocks, MineOreSilver01_LTundraRocks, MineOreIron02_LFieldGrass01, MineOreIron03_LFieldGrass01, MineOreIron03_LPineForest02, MineOreIron04_LFieldGrass01, MineOreCorundum02_ReachGrass, MineOreEbony03CaveDirt, and MineOreEbony04_LRiverMud all lacked a proper alternate texture setting for their depleted states. (Bug #33109)
  • StockadeScaffoldStairs01 incorrectly had alternate textures applying snow to them despite this static never being used in snowy areas. The game uses StockadeScaffoldStairs01Light_SN for those instances. (Bug #32885)
  • Daggers added by Fishing and Saints & Seducers were not able to be given as gifts to adopted children because the daggers were never added to the relevant formlists. (Bug #33100)
Location Fixes
  • Lod's house has a broken navmesh triangle that isn't linked properly. Moved it out of the way and linked up a new one in its place. (Bug #33007)
  • Riften Fishery was not flagged as a public location, which leads to trespassing crimes. This location is required to be accessible to do any of the quests from the Fishing DLC. (Bug #32993)
  • Disconnected navmesh edge on the south side of Dawnstar. (Bug #32988)
  • Drunken Huntsman and Belethor's General Goods both had incorrect world location markers set. Each one was referencing the other's marker, which can lead to incorrect location information being relayed to the player. (Bug #33597)
  • Navmesh at DragonMoundVolcanicTundra03 (31,1) had several floating verts. (Bug #33611)
  • Several sections of the navmesh in Morthal are underwater but not flagged as such in the game. (Bug #33634)
  • Removed a navmesh island in Blackreach cell 4,1 accidentally created by USSEP and then corrected the remaining vanilla navmesh to cover the gaps left by the removal. (Bug #33642)
  • Navmesh in the area of Ancients Ascent and Bloodlet Throne was partially buried underground. (Bug #33613)
  • Navmesh in the corner of 31,1 required adjustment after moving a large rock. (Bug #33611)
  • Navmesh border disconnection between cells 21,-15 and 20,-15. (Bug #33610)
  • Corrected several missing edge links and floating verts for the navmesh in cell -38, 23. (Bug #33609)
  • Fixed navmesh in Ravenscar Hollow not reflecting where the water was, as well as connecting a dangling edge. (Bug #33446)
  • Broken navmesh connection between cells 6, -23 and 6, -22. (Bug #33397)
  • Several navmesh triangles at Mzninchaleft were running straight up a wall, and there was a disconnected border on the north side of the exterior. (Bug #33311)
  • Missing navmesh triangle in MzinchaleftExterior01. (Bug #33310)
  • Fixed a broken border connection outside of Southwind Sanctum. (Bug #33608)
  • Navmesh in Mossy Glen Cave had several issues with triangles going up walls, broken links, and a complete lack of cover data. (Bug #33306)
  • Broken edge connections and disconnected links in the navmeshes near Cragwallow Slope. (Bug #33305, 33304)
  • Removed a navmesh island and extended the main one within the Blackreach War Quarters cell. Also added a jump marker on the ledge so that if the player uses the shortcut, any NPCs following them will do the same instead of taking the long route around. (Bug #33302)
  • Silent City Catacombs had numerous issues with its navmesh, including broken links, missing sections, inaccessible islands, and verts at too steep an angle to navigate. Practically the entire cell has been cleaned up and readjusted. (Bug #33301)
  • Missing navmesh edge connection in cell 3, 23 connecting to 3, 22. (Bug #33296)
  • Broken navmesh edge connection in cell 8,8 connecting to 8,7. (Bug #33288)
Magic, Perk and Skill Fixes
  • FoodFortifyMagicka is missing the MagicAlchRestoreMagicka keyword. (Bug #32976)
  • ccBGSSSE037_NightEyeEffect erroneously included a dispel keyword for MagicAlchBeneficial which caused unrelated beneficial effects to get removed when a potion of Night Eye is consumed. (Bug #32974)
  • ReanimateFFTargetActor0, ReanimateFFTargetActor50, and ReanimateFFAimed50 lack the WISpellDangerous keyword which the other levels of reanimation have. (Bug #33300)
  • EnchRobesResistMagicConstantSelf erroneously had the MagicAlchResistMagic instead of the proper MagicEnchResistMagic effect. (Bug #25454)
Mesh and Texture Fixes
  • It was not possible to harvest Creep Cluster in a garden planter because the soil object had a set of invalid invisible collision walls around it for some reason. These were not present on the same mesh in Skyrim LE, so those walls were deleted from the mesh and the remaining collision layer aligned more evenly with the visible dirt object. [meshes\_byoh\clutter\house crafting\soil01.nif] (Bug #21364)
  • Deer skull props had too large a collision radius, resulting in them floating above objects. [meshes\clutter\bones\deerskullprop.nif] (Bug #33020)
  • Interior windows in Solitude all have emmitance data set, but the meshes were not flagged to support it properly. [meshes\architecture\solitude\interiors\smdbwinsol01.nif, meshes\architecture\solitude\interiors\smdbwinsol02.nif] (Bug #32990)
  • Cooking spits have no sound material set on them. [meshes\clutter\woodfires\spitwall01.nifm meshes\clutter\woodfires\spit01.nif] (Bug #33187)
  • Giant campfires with rocks around them have no material sound set. The rocks should be set for stone. [meshes\clutter\giant\giantcampfire01burning.nif] (Bug #33184)
  • The stone portions of the blacksmith forge at Thirsk Meadhall has no material sound set. [meshes\dlc02\clutter\dlc2blacksmithforge01.nif] (Bug #33183)
  • whintdockfloormid01, whintdockfloorwall01, whintdockfloorwall02, whintdockfloorwall03, whintdockfloorwall04, whintdockfloorcorner01,whintdockfloorcorner02, whintdockfloorcorner03, whintdockfloorcorner04, whintdockflooricorner01, whintdockflooricorner02, whintdockflooricorner03, and whintdockflooricorner04 all incorrectly have their material sound set to stone instead of wood. [meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockfloorcorner01.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockfloorcorner02.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockfloorcorner03.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockfloorcorner04.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockflooricorner01.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockflooricorner02.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockflooricorner03.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockflooricorner04.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockfloormid01.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockfloorwall01.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockfloorwall02.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockfloorwall03.nif, meshes\architecture\windhelm\interiorkits\docks\whintdockfloorwall04.nif] (Bug #33182)
  • wrbridge01 is incorrectly set to use Heavy Stone sounds when it's made of wood. [meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrbuildings\wrbridge01.nif] (Bug #33181)
  • The chains on the Whiterun drawbridge have no material sound set. [meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrdrawbridge01.nif] (Bug #33180)
  • The fire pillar in the Midden lacked a proper material sound setting on the coals. [meshes\effects\mgmagicfirepillarmidden01.nif] (Bug #33179)
  • The walkways up Telvanni house ramps have the wrong sound material set on them. [meshes\dlc02\architecture\telvannitower\dlc2telvannigourdhouseramp01.nif, meshes\dlc02\architecture\telvannitower\dlc2telvannigourdhouseramp02.nif] (Bug #33176)
  • Chaurus eggs are missing the proper material sound setting. [meshes\clutter\chauruseggs\eggsacs.nif, meshes\clutter\chauruseggs\eggsacs01.nif, meshes\clutter\chauruseggs\eggsacs02.nif] (Bug #33185)
  • Nordic trap pedestals have no material sound set on them. [meshes\traps\pedestaltrap\trapnorpedestal01.nif] (Bug #33174)
  • Thalmor Embassy corner blocks have no material sound set. [meshes\architecture\solitude\spatiocor01.nif] (Bug #33172)
  • Several Dwemer metal partitions and walls incorrectly have stone materials set when they should be metal. [meshes\dungeons\dwemer\partitions\dweptndoor01.nif, meshes\dungeons\dwemer\partitions\dweptnwall01.nif, meshes\dungeons\dwemer\partitions\dweptnwall01a.nif, meshes\dungeons\dwemer\partitions\dweptnwall02.nif, meshes\dungeons\dwemer\partitions\dweptnwallcap01.nif, meshes\dungeons\dwemer\partitions\dweptnwallexbgframe01.nif, meshes\dungeons\dwemer\partitions\dweptnwallhalf01.nif] (Bug #33171)
  • The large flat Dwemer shelving units incorrectly have stone material sounds instead of metal. [meshes\dungeons\dwemer\clutter\dweshelflargebottom01.nif, meshes\dungeons\dwemer\clutter\dweshelflargemid01.nif, meshes\dungeons\dwemer\clutter\dweshelflargetop01.nif] (Bug #33170)
  • Dwemer endposts and endcaps have no material sound set. [meshes\dungeons\dwemer\clutter\dwecivwarwallendcap01.nif, meshes\dungeons\dwemer\clutter\dwecivwarwallendpost01.nif] (Bug #33169)
  • Retractable Dwemer bridges incorrect have the stone material sound set on them. They are entirely made of metal. [meshes\dungeons\dwemer\clutter\retractablebridge\dweretractablebridge01.nif] (Bug #33168)
  • The large pedestal inside High Hrothgar has part of its structure set to snow material when it should have been stone. [meshes\furniture\highhrothgar\hhlightpedestal02.nif] (Bug #33167)
  • Noble bench type 4 is missing its sound material setting. [meshes\furniture\noble\noblebench04.nif] (Bug #33166)
  • Broken thrones in Nordic ruins are missing their sound material setting. [meshes\clutter\ruins\ruinsfurniturerubble13.nif] (Bug #33165)
  • Icicle clumps missing proper material sounds and bad tangent space settings. [meshes\dlc01\landscape\dlc1icicleclumpcap01.nif, meshes\dlc01\landscape\dlc1icicleclumpcap02.nif, meshes\dlc01\landscape\dlc1icicleclumpcap03.nif] (Bug #33164)
  • Broken benches in various Nordic ruins have terrible collision that could potentially let the player fall through in places or to be unable to access items leaned against them. [meshes\clutter\ruins\ruinsfurniturerubble12.nif] (Bug #33604)
  • The wooden bridge in Darkfall Cave is incorrectly set to stone material. [meshes\dlc01\clutter\quest\vq07scaffoldbridge01-s0.nif] (Bug #33163)
  • The wells in the Skaal Village and Raven Rock have incorrect material settings on the metal grates. [meshes\dlc02\architecture\ravenrock\redoran\redoranwell01.nif, meshes\dlc02\architecture\skaalvillage\dlc2skaalvilfarmwell01.nif] (Bug #33161)
  • The static coffin found in Haemar's Shame has incorrect material settings on some of its collision chunks. [meshes\clutter\coffins\nordiccoffinstatic03.nif] (Bug #33160)
  • Stone floors used in Mistveil Keep are incorrectly flagged as wood material. [meshes\architecture\riften\interior\bigroomkeep\rifrmbgkeepfloorstone01.nif, meshes\architecture\riften\interior\bigroomkeep\rifrmbgkeepfloorstone02.nif] (Bug #33159)
  • 3 Telvanni root objects have incorrect sound materials set as well as poorly made collision. [meshes\dlc02\architecture\telvannitower\dlc2telvanniroot03.nif, meshes\dlc02\architecture\telvannitower\dlc2telvanniroot01.nif, meshes\dlc02\architecture\telvannitower\dlc2telvanniroot02.nif] (Bug #33150)
  • The various bridge cages used in Nordic ruins all have incorrect sound material settings on them. [meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecage01x256a.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecage01x256c.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecage01x512a.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecage01x512b.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecage01x512c.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecage02a.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecage02b.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecage02c.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecageendcap01.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecagemid01.nifmeshes\dungeons\nordic\, meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecagemid02.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\bridges\norbridgecagemidcap01.nif] (Bug #33155)
  • Wooden stairways in Nordic ruins have the wrong material sound setting. [meshes\dungeons\nordic\shafts\norrmshaftmidstair01.nif, meshes\dungeons\nordic\shafts\norrmshaftmidstairbot01.nif] (Bug #33156)
  • Some Falmer city meshes had no sound material setting applied. [meshes\dlc01\architecture\falmerhuts\falmercityhutdoor01.nif, meshes\dlc01\architecture\falmerhuts\falmercityhutnodoor01.nif, meshes\dlc01\architecture\falmerhuts\falmercityroundramp01.nif, meshes\dlc01\architecture\falmerhuts\falmercityroundramp02.nif] (Bug #33162)
  • Pigmy Sunfish are missing their glowmaps. Glowmaps provided by dinosgamez. [textures\creationclub\bgssse001\critters\fish\fishpigmysunfish01\FishPigmySunfishCooked01_g.dds, textures\creationclub\bgssse001\critters\fish\fishpigmysunfish01\fsihpigmysunfish01_g.dds] (Bug #32998)
Papyrus Fixes
  • dunHalldirRotatingDoorPuzzle: The script calls on 4 trap activators, but only one has been placed and only one property actually set. The missing 3 merely result in error spam in the logs. (Bug #33031)
Quest and Dialogue Fixes
  • Skjor will mistakenly tell you to go to the Underforge "tonight" even if it's actually night. The dialogue condition should have been an "AND" condition instead of "OR". (Bug #33016)
  • The cage key for the animal pens in Faldar's Tooth is never added anywhere despite being set up for use in dunFaldarsToothQST. It has been added to the alias inventory on the Boss NPC. (Bug #33009) [NR]
  • In The Jagged Crown [CW02A,CW02B] if you originally escaped Helgen with Ralof, but side with the Imperials, Hadvar is never enabled even though he's supposed to be. Similarly if you escaped Helgen with Hadvar but joined the Stormcloaks, Ralof is never enabled. Both characters have lines assigned for switching sides, and their aliases in each quest will not fill which will have lasting effects on their future relationships with the player. Their aliases both neglected to check the "Allow Disabled" box, which broke the intended interactions in Stage 30. Due to the complexities involved, it will not be possible to entirely reverse the issues caused by this if you are already past this point in the game. (Bug #33002) [Partially NR]
  • In Bleak Falls Barrow [MQ103] Delphine's scene dialogue with Farengar overlaps when she points out he has a visitor. This causes Farengar's line to be truncated and his next one to begin, creating an awkward transition. (Bug #33190)
Placement/Layout/Ownership and other World Object Fixes
  • A gargantuan number of placement and duplicate item fixes has been provided by DarthVitrial, covering 6 "mega tickets" worth of work and affecting literally thousands of references. (Bug #33644, 33624, 33616, 33612, 33587)
  • 0003FB00: The Whirlwind Sprint trigger at High Hrothgar had an instance of the TRIGGER script attached when it shouldn't have. (Bug #33038)
  • 00082743: Dock piece disconnected from the ropes on the connecting dock. (Bug #33032) [Reverts Bug #32653]
  • 000e99b3: Moved rubble to cover a gap in the adjacent mountain. (Bug #33034)
  • 000D6823, 000D6822, 000D6821, 000D6824, 000D6825: Covered walkways in Dawnstar are not the snow covered type. (Bug #33022)
  • 000D3AEF, 000D3AED, 000D3AEE: Covered walkways at Nightgate Inn are not the snow covered type. (Bug #33027)
  • 07029005: Rock added to close a gap in a mountainside. (Bug #33018)
  • 0702E106: Rock added to cover a landscape gap in a mountain. (Bug #33017)
  • 070127B6: Previously added rock was not completely covering the gap it was placed for. (Bug #33013)
  • 0702E108: Rock added to cover a gap between several large pieces. (Bug #33012)
  • 0004f6C9: Rock adjusted to cover exposed underside. (Bug #33008)
  • 000820CA: Wall pelt in Lod's house clipping through the wall. (Bug #33006)
  • 04032475: Floating ash pile. (Bug #32998)
  • 0703830A: Rock added to cover a gap in the cliff face. (Bug #32987)
  • 07047613: Rock placed to cover up the exposed bars of the barred gate above once it's been opened. (Bug #32712)
  • 07047615: Rock placed to cover a space in between several other stone parts. (Bug #33035)
  • 0703D40C: Added column at the Windhelm bridge to cover up an exposed gap. (Bug #33093)
  • Several woven fences in Dawnstar and the Brandy Mug Farm were not using their snow covered variants. (Bug #33015)
Text Fixes

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  • DialogueWhiterun [0002AB9E]: "council" -> "counsel" (Bug #32981)
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