Менеджер модов для Resident Evil Village / Fluffy Manager (mod manager and FOV trainer)

Менеджер модов для Resident Evil Village / Fluffy Manager (mod manager and FOV trainer) 3.016

Версия 3.016:
Bug fix where the mod manager could fail to save the file with "custom game" information when quitting.
Renamed "RE: Resistance" to "Resident Evil: Resistance"
Fixed a memory leak related to loading mod preview images.
Added mod managing support for Tekken 7.
Made it possible to open a Windows File Explorer instance that opens up the game install directory via the Options menu.
Made it possible to install mods for MT Framework games while the game is running.
Added popup message when user tries to install a mod while a game is running when it's not supported.
Made the mod manager skip PAK modification and allow mod installs while the game is running if FirstNatives is installed.
Added warning if user tries to drag'n'drop a mod with the same name as a mod that's already installed while the game is running.
Renamed Resident Evil HD to Resident Evil 1 HD so it has a more intuitive position in the game list.
There will now be a symbol highlighting the buttons for downloading Fluffy Mod Manager if a new version is available.
Added a simple warning message if the "natives" folder still exists after uninstalling all mods for an RE Engine game.
Added a warning message for when user starts another instance of Fluffy Mod Manager with mods still installed.
Merged the "install prompt" and "uninstall prompt" toggles into one.
Implemented a system called "mod presets" where the user can save a custom set of installed mods and then install that set in one go.
Game asset backups are now automatically deleted when they're no longer needed. This behaviour can be changed in Advanced Options.
Added a toggle in Advanced Options for turning off loading and displaying of mod preview screenshots.
Fixed a bug that made it impossible to manually choose the "!Other > Misc" category for a mod.
Made the "re-read game archives" button invisible for games that don't do archive entry invalidation.
SF6: Added "Stages" as category.
Made mod manager skip installing VR DLL files for RE Framework by default and added a toggle for it in Advanced Options.
Added direct downloads to RE Framework and FirstNatives in the Downloads menu.
SF6: The category system now checks directory names rather than filenames for identifying character categories.
Added mod managing support for Arkanoid - Eternal Battle.
SF6: Added Rashid to the mod category list.
Ghost Trick support added.
Final Fantasy 7 remake support added.
Basic Exoprimal support added.
Fixed a rare bug where the mod manager would delete an empty patch PAK for an RE Engine game when uninstalling all mods.
SF6: Added automatic extension renaming of texture and mesh files from old SF6 beta mods.
Made automatic extension renaming for certain games compare any case rather than lower case-only.
SF6: Fixed detection of meshes and textures for mod categorization.
Added mod managing support for full version of Street Fighter 6.
SF6: Extended category list with full list of characters.
SF5: Fixed a bug preventing mods contained in 7Zip or zip containers from working.
SF6: Configured game entry to work with the open beta.
MHR: Added more robust detection of a Game Pass install of Monster Hunter Rise.
MHR: Fixed launching of the Game Pass version of the game.
Remove automatic additions of many tags to the "filter mods" menu for games with category support.
MHR: Fixed detection of Game Pass install after a recent patch.
Added optional functionality for updating RSZ CRCs within RE Engine game mod files. See Patreon post for more information: https://www.patreon.com/posts/82348277/
Fixed a bug in Updater.exe that could make it misread the mod manager's version number. If you have difficulty updating the mod manager, then try manually extracting modmanager.rar to current mod manager install and let it overwrite any files.
Updated detection of non-RT RE2/3/7 builds so it works with the patches released today.
Fixed a bug where the mod manager could misread the version number and not be aware that a new version has been released.
Mod manager will quit faster if it's recently been started (download of list of downloadable mods can now get cancelled midway).
User now gets a warning when trying to install a mod addon when the main mod isn't installed.
Added mod managing support for Street Fighter 6 demo.
Updated category system to ensure mod addons are in the same category as their main main (a similar thing will happen for NameAsBundle mods as well)
RE4R: Prevented the "NPC & Enemies" asset tag from being applied to playable character mods.
Last of Us: Fixed invalidation of file entries in most psarc archives.
Made detection of pre-defined category references in the "category" modinfo.ini entry more lenient (! is now optional and -> is now a valid seperator).
Made it possible to manually assign categories to mods via Options -> Category assignment.
Improved automatic detection of a Steam game's install path.
When manually selecting a game's install path the user can now choose between a folder selector and a file selector.
Added mod managing support for Last of Us Part 1 (works same way as for Uncharted).
Added mod managing support for RE4R.
Added categories for RE4R.
Added variants to the "Support FluffyQuack" button.
Fixed a bug where the mod manager would install a ZIP/7Zip mod incorrectly if it matched assets from an installed RAR/extracted mod. If anyone encountered this bug, I highly recommend uninstalling all mods, deleting the "natives" folder in the game's install location, and deleting the game's "Backup" folder in the mod manager.
Fixed check for 0-byte PAK files when installing mods.
Changed the "Skip PAK modification" toggle to exist for all games in the mod manager. Note: This used to only exist for MHR and the toggle will be set to its default off setting with this update, so change it if necessary.
Added mod managing support for RE4R demo.
Added mod managing support for RE7 demo.
Fixed a crash that occured when highlighting a mod, recreating the mod info cache, and then highlighting a mod again.
MHR: When verifying install path, accept the executable used for the Game Pass / Windows Store release.
You now select folder rather than executable when manually defining a game's install path.
MHR: "Launch Game" now works with the Game Pass / Windows Store release (note, it's never necessary to start the game this way, it's only for convenvience).
MHR: When installing mods non-PAK mods, the mod manager will automatically rename filepaths (STM -> MSG and tex.28 -> tex.143221028) to try to make them work wih the Game Pass / Windows Store release.

Версия 3.000​

  • Добавлена поддержка 7-Zip и ZIP для пакетов модов т.е. загружать мод с архива можно теперь не только RAR.
  • Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой могла отображаться черная линия в правой части скриншота предварительного просмотра мода.
  • Исправлено плдлагивание при загрузке скриншотов предварительного просмотра модов.
  • Исправлена ошибка, при которой кнопка "Uninstall all mods" не обновляла свое состояние после удаления мода в списке категорий модов.
  • Реализована поддержка аннулирования архивов при установке модов Uncharted 4.
  • Добавлены типы перехода скриншотов модов в "Options".
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