0.18.3 - 2022-05-21​


  • A “Show only warnings and errors” filter has been added that combines the Bash Tags, sources, notes and messageless plugins filters.
  • A “Show only empty plugins” filter hides any plugins that are not empty.
  • The Groups Editor window can now be maximised and minimised using the new buttons in the window frame.
  • Group positions in the Groups Editor will now be remembered, unless a group with no saved position is encountered when opening the Groups Editor.


  • When checking if old (pre-0.18.0) game masterlist settings could be migrated, LOOT checked the wrong settings fields, so would never display a warning if automatic migration couldn’t be done.
  • LOOT detects and logs when it’s run from Mod Organizer, but its detection did not work for newer versions of Mod Organizer.
  • LOOT would forget about any groups that were not connected to any other groups when exiting the Groups Editor.
  • The progress bar in the progress dialog now uses the full width of the dialog as intended.
  • When opening the plugin metadata editor for a plugin assigned to a group that does not exist, LOOT would set the Group dropdown to the first listed group. It now adds the missing group to the list (with a note that the group does not exist) and selects that group.


  • If sorting makes no changes a notification dialog is now displayed by default. The new dialog can be suppressed using a new setting in LOOT’s settings dialog.
  • Groups graph layout has been improved: it now runs left to right to make use of the available space in most screens, group names will no longer overlap, and the layout algorithm now produces better results for non-trivial graphs.
  • Groups in the Groups Editor graph now have a little padding so that their names do not run right to the edge of the graph’s area.
  • When a new group is added in the Groups Editor, it is now added in the centre of the visible area, and offset downwards if there is already something at that location.
  • The game install path and local AppData path settings now have folder pickers that can be used to simplify setting values for those settings.
  • When metadata is copied to the clipboard, the BBCode tags are now separated from the metadata YAML by line breaks.
  • Updated the Bulgarian translation.
  • Updated the Finnish translation.
  • Updated the French translation.
  • Updated the German translation.
  • Updated the Japanese translation.
  • Updated the Russian translation.
  • Updated the Ukrainian translation.
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