Поддержка версии игры 1.6.
Поддержка игры v.1.52
  • Version 1.19.5​

    • Support for patch 1.52.1 (made up name, they didn't bother to name it AGAIN)

      Date: 4/5/2022
  • Version 1.19.4​

    • Support for patch 1.52

      Date: 03/22/2022
  • Version 1.19.3​

    • Changes and fixes
      Fix crash on Windows 7.
      Fix LoadTexture overwriting the previously loaded texture.

      Date: 03/02/2022
  • Version 1.19.2​

    • Support for patch 1.5 hotfix 2

      ImGui.LoadTexture(string path) returns a texture loaded from an image on disk in the mods' directory.
      ImGui.Image(texture) displays a texture loaded with the LoadTexture function.
      Full Api is as follows, note that you may omit parameters after texture and default values will be used (Texture texture, ImVec2 size, ImVec2 uv0, ImVec2 uv1, ImVec4 tintColor, borderColor)

      Changes and fixes
      Added stb to load images.
      Fixed bad screen skip fix.

      Date: 02/28/2022
  • Version 1.19.1​

    • Support for patch 1.5 v2

      Changes and fixes
      Changed the archive hashes to use the wolvenkit KARK files for TweakDB editing
      red4ext updated to 1.3.1

      Date: 02/19/2022
  • Version 1.19.0​

    • Support for patch 1.5

      Changes and fixes
      red4ext updated to 1.3.0
      mimalloc updated to 2.0.3
      sqlite3 updated to 3.37.0+200

      Special thanks to WopsS, psiberx and Sombra for their help with this patch!

      Date: 02/16/2022
  • Version 1.18.3​

    • Changes and fixes
      Improve the d3d12 hook to fix a crash when using ReShade < 5.

      Date: 02/10/2022
  • Version 1.16.4​

    • Support for patch 1.31
    • Changes and fixes
    • Updated to Imgui 1.84.2

      Date: 09/14/2021
  • Version 1.16.2​

    • Changes and fixes
    • Fix disappearing footsteps (1.16.1 regression).
    • Alternative syntax for CName and TweakDBID conversions without .new()
    • Direct access to global functions.
    • Throw Lua errors from RTTI calls as the Lua script will do.
    • Will print the full callstack in the log:

      Date: 8/27/2021
  • Version 1.16.1​

    • Changes and fixes
    • Fix channel logs not printing the message.
    • Added a new channel "DEBUG" that always prints even when game logs are disabled.
    • Re-added TweakDB printing.
    • Register global PlayerPuppet.OnAction handler as for pre patch 1.3.
    • Override function by full name. Allows to observe/override all variants of overloaded function.

      Date:: 8/23/2021
  • Version 1.16.0​

    • Support for patch 1.30 - huge thanks to everyone who helped with this and all testers!

      Changes and fixes
      Fix crash when calling functions that have optional parameters not defaulted.
      Fix crash when using RegisterInputListener from an observer.

      Date: 08/20/21
  • Version 1.15.0​

    • Script API:
      Whitelisted collectgarbage to let scripts force release game references.
      Added exEntitySpawner to spawn entities easily

      Changes and fixes:
      Fixed a crash that would occur on machines without ASLR enabled by enabling LuaJIT's GC64 option.
      Fixed nested RTTI calls that would crash the game due to memory release of the previous call's memory.
      Fix the disable anti AA and async compute patches.
      Fix for TweakDB default values.
      Fix tooltips that contained C format characters and would crash the game.
      Improved update hook.
      xmake install will now install in the game's directory to make it easier for those installing from source.

      Date: 08/08/2021
  • Version 1.14.0​

    • Support for patch 1.23

      Script API changes.
      All game classes are directly accessible by name. For example, entEntityId, PlayerPuppet.
      All game enums are directly accessible by name. For example, gamedataStatType.BaseDamage, gameGameVersion.Current.
      Classes can also be accessed by their aliases from redscript. For example, WeaponObject instead of gameweaponObject.
      Classes have the conventional .new() constructor. For example, MappinData.new().
      A constructor can take an array of properties to create and initialize an object in a single statement. For example, EntityID.new({ hash = 12345 }).
      Static methods are accessible from classes using the dot. For example, ScriptedPuppet.IsDefeated(npc).
      A static method can be called from an instance if the first parameter is of the same type. For example, vec4:Length() instead of Vector4.Length(vec4).
      The overloaded function is resolved based on passed parameters when called by its short name.
      For example, StatusEffectHelper.HasStatusEffect(target, gamedataStatusEffectType.Overheat).

      Partial Variant type support. ToVariant() and FromVariant() are only applicable to classes.
      Observe() and Override() now accept both native and scripted type names.
      Added Game.GetSystemRequestsHandler() as an alternative to GetSingleton("inkMenuScenario"):GetSystemRequestsHandler().
      Added TweakDB:SetFlats
      Added WorldFunctionalTests
      Added Imgui.GetStyle()
      Added support for ResourceAsyncReference. Allows editing of TweakDB props of that type by the mods.

      Changes and fixes
      Fixed disappearing footsteps issue.
      The issue still can occur if the mods do not properly release the player reference.

      The GetMod() is only available after onInit as there is no guarantee that the required mod will be loaded before this event.
      Types and functions that rely on RTTI are only available after onInit event to prevent some unwanted crashes and unexpected behavior.
      Improved detection of whether the game is running. Prevents more crashes when exiting the game.
      Implemented optional parameters support. Prevents some unexpected crashes.

      Fixed DumpType("Type") returning empty result.
      Fixed crash when accessing properties of invalid Enum, eg. Enum.new('', '').value.
      Fixed crash when setting an incompatible value for an object property.
      Fixed crash when calling function with out parameters of Enum, CName or TweakDBID type.
      Fixed memory leaks when passing strong or weak references to the function.
      Fixed memory leaks when invalid parameters passed to the function.
      Fixed memory leaks for function results and out parameters of certain types.
      Fixed memory leaks when creating new objects.
      Fixed memory leaks when setting object properties.
      Fixed memory leak for arrays with elements of certain types passed as an argument.
      Fixed a crash when passing an incompatible array as an argument. For example, an array of numbers instead of an array of handles.
      Fixed memory leak when passing an object instead of an array as an argument. This resulted in a silent crash without calling ResetAllocator.
      Fixed inconsistent self and random crashes in Observe and Override.
      Reverted Override() to the previous behavior so when the handler fails, the original game function is not called.
      Added implicit conversion from Int64/UInt64 to other arithmetic types.
      Added type safety checks for Int64/UInt64.
      Added recursive freeing of arrays.
      Added logging for errors occurred in the module loaded with require(). Should make the transition to the new version less painful.

      Internal changes.
      Global fallback table is used now for all mod environments. No need to whitelist what's defined there.
      Aliases like Game['GetPlayer'] = Game['GetPlayer;GameInstance'] aren't needed in autoexec.lua. All global and class functions are automatically resolved by short name now.
      Added implicit class to strong reference conversion.

      Updated RED4ext to latest version.
      This fixes the error when trying to use a CName that is None

      Patch for the Minimap flicker

      Note: Some mods may need to be updated for this version of CET.
      Mod authors follow this Upgrade Guide

      Date: 06/17/2021
  • Version 1.13.0​

    • Support for patch 1.22

      Crash when using TweakDB:Update in an Observe/Override callback
      Direct3d12 command queue could be null sometimes
      Error logging from Observe/Override callbacks
      Redundant Lua environment passing
      64bits numbers are now correctly interpreted as numbers by Lua

      Strings can now be implicitly cast to a TweakDBID when the scripting framework expects a TweakDBID

      Date: 04/28/2021
  • Version 1.12.2​

    • Support for patch 1.21

      Lua scripting errors with functions returning some values with out params
      GameOptions.Toggle() now works
      Fix falsy "Unknown error" when calling a global that returns nil
      Return out params from global function the same way as for instance methods

      Date: 04/14/2021
  • Version 1.12.1​

    • Fixed
      Regressions with GameOptions
      Wrong version info returned back by GetVersion()
      Problems with Console widget history
      3rd party licences missing
      ImGui.TreePop unavailable in Lua
      Multiple registerInput handlers unable to be invoked at same time
      Conversion of 64-bit integral values from object properties
      Scroll wheel failling to register properly

      Modal popups for unsaved changes into Bindings and Settings widget
      Modal popup on first launch asking user explicitly to bind some hotkey for toggling Overlay
      Option to enable removing of dead binds (default is on)
      Option to enable ImGui assertions to make sure mods are not breaking something (default is off)
      Option to toggle ImGui Diagnostic window (default is off, this option is not preserved after restart!)

      Nicer formatting of headings inside Bindings widget (replace characters that are not alphanumeric by space and autocapitalize each word)
      Reworked Settings menu (options are now split into two categories - Patches and Dev)
      Reworked Bindings menu (separated hotkeys and inputs into two categories)
      onUpdate and onDraw are not called for mods during first-time setup until user finishes
      onDraw is not called for mods while CET modal dialog is active
      First time launch (it should now be more streamlined)
      Decoupled config.json from bindings.json (overlay key is now located only inside bindings.json and is left out of config.json)
      Updated TiltedCore to 0.2.2

      Date: 04/04/2021
Эта версия ОЧЕНЬ важна для установки, если вы загружаете сохранения и / или моды для этой игры, в игре присутствует очень серьезная уязвимость, дающая полный доступ к вашему компьютеру тем, кто подделал вредоносный файл.

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